We are always committed to making EBSI Direct a secure online trading environment for you.

According to the new requirements introduced by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) on reducing cybersecurity risk associated with Internet trading issued on October 27, 2017, additional controls are required over Internet trading, including the implementation of two-factor authentication (2FA). In compliance with the Guidelines, starting April 27, 2018, it will be a mandatory requirement for licensed corporations to implement two-factor authentication mechanism for clients logging into their internet trading accounts.

Accordingly, we will enable a two-factor authentication method that requires client’s valid mobile phone number for its online trading platforms. If you would like to trade online, you need to register your mobile number with us.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, is an authentication method that requires two components, such as a password and a one-time token.

How to enable Two-Factor Authentication?

Please visit the links below to activate and login with two-factor authentication according to instructions as soon as possible in order to ensure you will be able to login and trade smoothly.

Important Note

Regarding the two-factor authentication and login procedures of Hong Kong Shares, Futures and Stock Options, please click here for details. 

To register/update your mobile number, please click on below for the procedures (before 2FA commencement date) :

HK Shares Account
(before April 27, 2018)
Commodities Account
(before April 21, 2018)
Stock Options Account
(before April 21, 2018)
Please Click Here Please Click Here Please Click Here

Please note that if you have more than one type of account, you will need to update the information for all of the accounts one by one.

If you choose to register your mobile number after the commencement date (April 27, 2018), please click here to download the form (in PDF file format) and return it to us by post after completion.

To activate two-factor authentication, please also update the desktop and mobile application of HK Shares, Futures and Stock Options trading platforms to the latest version. For HK Shares, you will need to install or update to the latest version of our mobile trading app eMO! via http://www.ebshk.com/emo and select the link accordingly to your mobile device type.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: For how long will the two-factor authentication (2FA) passcode remain valid?

HK Shares Account
The one-time passcode for 2FA registration will remain valid for 10 minutes. If unable to receive the passcode, please try again after 2 minutes to request resending it. The second authentication passcode (i.e. login security code) will stay valid for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, you will need to reopen the eMO! app to generate a new passcode. This is applicable to Internet trading platforms, eMO!(AAStocks), and eMO!(unregistered device).

Futures and Stock Options Account
The one-time passcode for 2FA registration will remain valid for 5 minutes. If unable to receive the passcode, please try again after 1 minute to request resending it. The second authentication passcode is not required.

2: If I am in another country and using another SIM card on the same smartphone, do I have to carry out the 2FA activation process again for my phone?

No, the registration is stored locally on the smartphone and your phone is already a registered device, so you will not need to do 2FA activation again.

3: If I use another mobile phone (or I have lost my mobile phone), and yet my mobile number remains unchanged. Do I have to go through 2FA activation again? Also, does the old mobile phone (or the lost mobile phone) need to be unregistered (by "unregister all secure login devices")? How can I do so if my mobile is already lost?

You have to register the new mobile phone as the registered device to activate 2FA, and you have to unregister the old mobile device via mobile app eMO!. If you have lost the old mobile phone, you may remove all registered devices via our Internet platform. If you have removed the registered devices via the Internet platform but not in your old mobile device, security codes generated from the old device will be invalid.

4: How to activate 2FA?

After you have logged in Futures Trader Pro/Stock Options Trader Pro/ SP Trader Pro HD, you will be prompted to enter a one-time authentication code, which will be sent to your mobile number you have registered with us.

5: I already closed the "activate 2FA" screen before successfully receiving the authentication code. Can I still use the code when I receive it?

No. The code is no longer valid after you have closed the screen. Please login and try again, and do not close the “activate 2FA” screen.

6: I have already activated 2FA in the computer at home. Do I need to activate the same in the computer at office too?

Yes, you can register up to 5 devices concurrently for each account, including desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. You have to “activate 2FA” for every device you use.

7: If I have activated 2FA, do I still need to input a one-time passcode before trading every time?

No. As you have activated 2FA in your device, you do not need to input a one-time passcode to trade every time.

8: If the second-level authentication passcode (i.e. login security code) is entered wrongly for several times, will it become invalid?

No. The passcode will only become invalid when it reaches its expiry.

9: Can I activate 2FA via eMO! (AAStocks)?

No. eMO! (AAStocks) is a trading platform. If you need to activate 2FA and generate login security codes, please do so via our mobile app eMO!.

10: How many eMO!-installed devices can be registered with one login account at maximum concurrently?

For every login account (with the same login name), a maximum of 5 devices can be registered concurrently. For example, you can activate 2FA via the eMO! app in different mobile phones and tablets at the same time.