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AAStocks Streaming Real-time Quotes Service provides streaming market information including HK stocks, Shanghai A Shares, HSI futures, Hang Seng indices, and financial news with various features such as Teletext screen display, intra-day and historical charts, technical analysis charts and price alerts etc. All information is updated in real-time automatically.

Use your desktop or our FREE mobile app eMO! (AA Stocks) to access streaming real-time quotes and place orders anytime, anywhere.

Two services are available: “AAStocks Streaming Real-time Quotes Service” ($298 per month) for Hong Kong Shares Price Quotes; and “AAStocks Streaming Real-time Quotes Service (+A Shares)” ($498 per month) for Hong Kong Shares and Shanghai A-shares Price Quotes.

Teletext gives you the complete market information of a stock including Nominal, Open, Previous Close, Closed, Day High, Day Low, Change ($/%), Volume, Turnover, Average Price, Spread, Lot Size, 52-week High, 52-week Low, P/E ratio, Dividend, Yield, EPS, Market Capitalisation, Currency and some important Technical Analysis data. Order Queue (Top 5 bid/ask price), Transaction Log, Broker Queue are also given in real-time.


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