AI-Portfolio Investing is the latest intelligent wealth management platform launched by EBSI Direct.

  • Global assets under management in the Robo-Advisors segment are projected to reach US$1.66 trillion in 2022, and its expected assets under management will grow 14.19% in the next five years*, which shows the growth potential of artificial intelligence in the future.
  • In comparison with other countries, the size of China's robo-advisory wealth management service is one of the largest in the world, and it is expected to be as high as US$112.9 billion in 2022*.



  • The underlying AI technology has been named “Best Robo Advisor Solution” by the Asian Private Banker magazine for three consecutive years.
  • Provides stock investment portfolios and personalized rebalancing advices through intelligent data analysis with different themes, sectors, regions, risk levels to suits different investors.
  • Provides the regular automated reminder to rebalance your investment to adhere to the optimal strategy.
  • You can trade and switch the baskets for unlimited times without any platform fee and handling fee in a flexible way.

About Basket

Provide 10 investment themes under different sectors, regions, risk levels to suits different investor's goals.

  • What constitutes a Basket?
    Investing in a basket of securities instead of one security provides diversification. It can reduce the impact of events such as profit warnings and bankruptcies affecting a single company. But broader events or themes that impact groups of stocks, sectors, or even entire markets will drive the performance of your investment.
  • What types of portfolios can I choose?
    We categorize the Baskets by securities, investment horizon and strategy type. Baskets are of either of these two investment horizons: “trading” (i.e. tactical) or “investment” (i.e. long term). We classify Baskets by their investment objectives. A Basket can fall into one or more of the following strategy types: Asset Allocation, Income, Event, Macro, Model, Thematic and Mini.
  • What is regular rebalancing?
    We will review our Baskets at regular intervals, according to the rules of the Baskets, to ensure they remain up-to-date and continue to reflect the underlying idea. We might make changes to the security selection or weights depending on the rules that govern the Basket. For example, we may include a newly listed stock or remove a security that is no longer liquid enough. 


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*Source: Statista, 2022